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EVERYONE can benefit from getting fit, regardless of your  age. Studies have proven that exercising can increase your  
lifespan and improve your quality of life. Even a modest amount of exercise can make a big difference to your health and the health of your family.

This can be as simple as parking further from the entrance of the mall, taking the stairs instead of the elevator at the office, or just going for a walk around your neighborhood.

The trouble with these methods for most people is that they can best be described as sporadic "oh by the way" ways of increasing your physical activity whereas if one is truly serious about getting fit, one has to make a little more of a concerted effort to do so.

Physical activity is something you do, while physical fitness is something you acquire by being physically active.  

Remember, physical fitness requires each of the following:  

    * cardio vascular fitness
    * core strength
    * balance                                      
    * flexibility
    * muscular strength & endurance 

Keep in mind that you can start where you are- no matter your fitness level. Set small, attainable goals and each time you exercise you will get stronger and reach those goals and set new ones.

Here at The Fitness Workshop P.T.S. we provide the motivation, expert instruction and personal one on one support to get you there as fast as possible, while making the journey fun and exciting!

So whether you want to ...

    * Tone, sculpt and shape your body ...    

    * Just lose that last few pounds ...
    * Lose a lot of weight ...
    * Increase strength and flexibility ...
    * Build "muscle" ...
    * Reduce your STRESS ... (and even clinical depression!)
    * Increase your conditioning & strength for your particular sport ...
    * Increase mobility.
    * Increase bone density
    * Prevent or ease osteoarthritis
    * Reduce and sometimes even reverse the effects of osteoporosis
                          The Fitness Workshop P.T.S. has got you covered!

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