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Hi Colin … word on the street is that your place is the safest to train in since you’re a known germaphobe! Lol! Even though I was quite concerned about this darn virus, I was going crazy not being able to exercise so I tried going back to my gym. (Goodlife) I have to tell you that I was stressed to the max the few times that I went back since reopening. People all over the place not wearing masks properly, some not wearing a mask at all! Then there's the people who are encroaching on each other’s space … then there's the management asking MEMBERS to clean the equipment! (these are the same members who are not following the safety protocol!)

It was soo stressful for me that I had to leave. I decided that I had to find a place in which to train, that had a minimal amount of people training at the same time. Saw your advert on Kijiji and had to contact you after I read on your site the measures you took to ensure client safety. I was blown away! Thank goodness I found you!
My regards, Paulie Mendonca


Dear Mr Moses, I’m a senior and prior to this pandemic I would faithfully go to my local YMCA to do my exercise routine. Due to the fact that I have some underlying risk factors I am leery of being exposed to Covid. A client of yours suggested that instead of going to the Y I should try a one on one type facility. Made sense to me because even though numbers are now restricted in the bigger establishments, there are still quite a few people in there at any given time.

So I called and even visited a couple of personal trainers. NONE of them came close to taking the measures that I read that you are taking!  Thank you for taking this crazy pandemic seriously!
Curt Wayburn.


Hey Colin,
Having been a client now for a couple of weeks after reading about your safety protocol on your website, (and now experiencing it in person) I wanted to write you this little blurb. You have addressed ALL the concerns I originally had about going back to "the gym". Sorry but even though your actual training is AWESOME (I've lost 7 pounds already yay!) it comes secondary to the safety aspect of training in this new “normal” … no disrespect! Lol!


P.S. If you wanted to prove to others that this blurb was unsolicited you can even give them My number and I’ll tell them myself… THAT’S how grateful I am to you for giving me a safe place to train.


Training in a typical gym has always been hot and stuffy at best for me ... with a mask I imagine it would be rediculously uncomfortable. Imagine how pleased I felt training at your place as cool as a cucumber because of having my own personal air conditioner! WHAT!! (Never mind the fans) Damn, if you didn't work me so hard I'd think I was in a spa! lol! Erica Planter.


Colin, I know we don’t have much time to talk in our sessions so I figured I’d text you about how appreciative I am of this opportunity. Training is hard enough without stressing about some yahoo coming too close to you … whether someone who used some dumbells just before you freaking coughed on it etc. At your place I can focus on training … for craps sakes you’ve even addressed the possibility of airborne Covid transmission with that system you have! It also feels sooo good to finally get some real quality instruction from someone who’s been there and done that.
Pete Barnwell.

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