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Firstly ... a report I wrote called "Angles Of Attack".  This report teaches you how certain "angles" in resistance exercises can make a dramatic difference in your results! I sell this report online ... but you get it for free.

It's amazing how subtle changes in the positions of your body can completely change the effect of an exercise.

This is the kind of stuff that's not in the Personal Trainer "text books". (At least not the ones I've studied! :) This is stuff that comes only from experience, or from instruction from a person with experience. :)

I'll show you how just changing these "angles" can make the exact same exercise feel completely different. This in itself can make it more effective! To the point where you can cut the time it takes you to see results ... in half!  

Secondly, I will be emailing you some amazing nutritional tips that will make a huge difference in your quest for a better body and better health.  This is NOT any of the generic junk that's floating around all over the place ... nor is it the next best "diet" plan that will miraculously solve all your eating woes.

This is solid nutritional information from a guy (Me!) who's had to learn how to to eat in order to build quality LEAN muscle and lose bodyfat. Back in my days of competing I routinely got down to between 3 to 5% bodyfat levels while still maintaining muscle.   Trust me .. you want to get your hands on this information whether you want to lose weight or build muscle! (or even a combination of the two!)

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