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The PERFECT gift!

Why not give someone you know the gift of fitness and health? A gift certificate for one of our packages would make the perfect gift.  After all, what's more valuable than being fit and healthy?  Besides, you get up to *$164.85 back on your purchase! 

Here's how. Since you're buying a gift certificate for someone, (gift certificates can only be purchased for someone else) we look at that as if you "referred" that person. 

As such you qualify for a referral fee! (See details on our referral program here.)  Just call us for pricing and to purchase your gift certificates.

* Depending on the package purchased.  



So whether you want to ...

    * Tone, sculpt and shape your body ...    

    * Just lose that last few pounds ...
    * Lose a lot of weight ...
    * Increase strength and flexibility ...
    * Build "muscle" ...
    * Reduce your STRESS ... (and even clinical depression!)
    * Increase your conditioning & strength for your particular sport ...
    * Increase mobility.
    * Increase bone density
    * Prevent or ease osteoarthritis
    * Reduce and sometimes even reverse the effects of osteoporosis
                          The Fitness Workshop P.T.S. has got you covered!

Call us today at 416-726-4482
for an absolutely FREE no obligation consultation.

You may be one of the lucky clients still able to take advantage of our



BTW, if you get my voicemail it could more than likely mean that I may be in the studio with a client so it's important that you leave a message as to when would be the best time to call you back and I'll get back to you asap!


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