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      "Changing bodies ... ONE client at a time!"

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Our regular rates range up to *$83.25 per session which at the low end of a fairly standard rate for an experienced, certified Personal Trainer  in Ontario ... especially one offering the private "in studio" facilities that we have.

However ...

We're currently running a promotion where a few new clients get our "Friends & Family" rates!  Our "Friends and Family" rates range from just *$38.07 to $49.91 per session!

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Interac!


These rates represent up to a 70% discount off our regular rates. It's as simple as that. However all this is only good for this promotion, which just extends to the next few new clients.

As you can imagine, these slots will go fast because of this promotion and the minute that happens we will revert to our regular prices, without notice.  Therefore if you want quality and affordability ... I'd respectfully suggest that you get in on this rare promotion by calling us immediately to book your free, no obligation visit. :)


So whether you want to ...

    * Tone, sculpt and shape your body ...    

    * Just lose that last few pounds ...
    * Lose a lot of weight ...
    * Increase strength and flexibility ...
    * Build "muscle" ...
    * Reduce your STRESS ... (and even clinical depression!)
    * Increase your conditioning & strength for your particular sport ...
    * Increase mobility.
    * Increase bone density
    * Prevent or ease osteoarthritis
    * Reduce and sometimes even reverse the effects of osteoporosis
                          The Fitness Workshop P.T.S. has got you covered!

Call us today at 416-726-4482
for an absolutely FREE no obligation consultation.

BTW, if you get my voicemail it could more than likely mean that I may be in the studio with a client so it's important that you leave a message as to when would be the best time to call you back and I'll get back to you asap!

*Depending on your package.  Rates subject to change without notice.

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