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               "Changing bodies ... ONE client at a time!"
If you're looking for the best affordable Personal Training in Scarborough / Toronto, you've come to the right place. More importantly ... if you're looking for the safest place to workout in ... this is it!

Why is this important? Well unless you've been living under a rock, since March 2020 you know that we've been living with the Covid-19 pandemic. You may or may not know that gyms, Personal Training studios and exercise facilities have only been able to open since August 1st 2020 when Ontario moved into "Phase 3". More importantly ... even though all facilities have put into place their respective Covid Safety Protocols ... these are not created equal.  There are safety protocols and then there are safety protocols!

So ... why are we considered the safest place in Toronto to workout? Because I suffer from OCD! Lol!  In all seriousness what does this mean for you? Well, in simple terms I leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting my clients.

You probably know that there are a couple of factual ways of Covid-19 transmission. Then there are the debatable (or some what proven) ways. Then there are the credibly rumoured or supected ways. So lets cover these as they pertain to working out in an indoor facility:

FACT: Person to person contact ... and via c
ontaminated surfaces you touch.

SOMEWHAT PROVEN: Airborne transmission. Viral particles which linger in the air for a period of time.

RUMOURED: It is even somewhat suspected (and theoretically it makes sense) that you can even bring the virus with you on the soles of your shoes.

We cover all these (and then some) in our safety protocol. From mask wearing and "comfortable" physical distancing ... down to the installation of a state of the art filtration system which completely exchanges/cleans the air in the studio ... every SIX MINUTES!  Listen to what some folks had to say:



Welcome to the best Personal Training available anywhere in Toronto! Get in shape fast and feel great working out one-on-one with your own certified personal trainer. (with over 25 years of experience.)

Click here to see some "before and after" pics of people just like you!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions!


Question of the day ...

What is the most important thing to consider in choosing a personal trainer?

Answer ...  EXPERIENCE.

Obviously a personal trainer should be certified through a recognized association.  However once you've established that the person has that very basic requirement, the more experience a trainer has the more effective he/she can be in getting his/her clients to their goals faster ... and in a SAFE manner.

Let's face it ... you're putting your physical well being into the hands of this person.  Would you risk that with someone who's been doing this for just a few years?  Having said that we also guarantee that you won't find better rates anywhere for the level of experience and facilities that we provide.

On top of that our "Results Satisfaction Guarantee"  and our "Rate Guarantee" are unheard of in the industry.  These are just two of the reasons why people even come in from out of town for me to train them. (The main reason is I get them results ... FAST!)  Check out our guarantees here.
Ok, now it's YOUR turn to look and feel fantastic!  
  •  Convenient location!
  • Great rates! (lower than everyone else due to promotion on now!)  
  • Top of the line gym equipment!
  • Private studio setting!
  • Complimentary and bonus sessions!
  • "Results guarantee"!  

So whether you want to ...
  •     Tone, sculpt and shape your body ...
  •     Just lose that last few pounds ...
  •     Lose a lot of weight ...
  •     Increase strength and flexibility ...
  •     Build "muscle" ...
  •     Reduce your STRESS ... (and even clinical depression!)
  •     Increase your conditioning and strength for your particular sport ...
  •     Increase mobility.
  •     Increase bone density
  •     Prevent or ease osteoarthritis
  •     Reduce and sometimes even reverse the effects of osteoporosis
                                                The Fitness Workshop P.T.S. has got you covered!


Colin G. Moses. CPT, PTS
Co-founder of The Fitness Workshop P.T.S.


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